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Male dating profile New Thai dating member: erland, 49 - Thailand <img src=' 0/250/294.jpg' align='right'> <p>erland, Male, 49 (Scorpio) - Thailand Nakhon Ratchasima </p> <p>Education: <br /> Occupation: <br /> English: <br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 183cm<br /> Weight: 100kg<br /> Eye: Brown<br /> Hair: Brown</p> <p></p> <p>Looking for: <br /> Willing to relocate: </p> <p></p> Thu, 18 May 2017 15:54:47 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: zeppos, 57 - Belgium Antwerp PenPals Friends Notsure <img src=' 0/225/356.jpg' align='right'> <p>zeppos, Male, 57 (Taurus) - Belgium Antwerpen Antwerp </p> <p>Education: HighSchool<br /> Occupation: <br /> English: VGood<br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 170cm<br /> Weight: 70kg<br /> Eye: Blue<br /> Hair: Brown</p> <p>I am a sincere person, respect and want to be respected.</p> <p>Looking for: PenPals Friends Notsure<br /> Willing to relocate: </p> <p>A sweet cute lady who laughs a lot and is serious</p> Tue, 20 Sep 2016 10:34:22 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: Sp, 46 - Canada Calgary Serious Serious <img src=' 0/263/734.jpg' align='right'> <p>Sp, Male, 46 (Sagittarius) - Canada Alberta Calgary </p> <p>Education: Voccollege<br /> Occupation: Business<br /> English: <br /> Russian: </p> <p>Height: 168cm<br /> Weight: 79kg<br /> Eye: <br /> Hair: </p> <p>Loyal passionate respectful fun </p> <p>Looking for: Serious Serious <br /> Willing to relocate: Yes</p> <p>Passionate loyal honest outgoing</p> Sat, 07 Oct 2017 22:38:32 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: raymond, 64 - United States Wichita PenPals Serious Fun <img src=' 0/230/128.jpg' align='right'> <p>raymond, Male, 64 (Virgo) - United States Kansas Wichita </p> <p>Education: Bachdegree<br /> Occupation: Retired and Part Time Free Lance Artist<br /> English: <br /> Russian: </p> <p>Height: 180cm<br /> Weight: 89kg<br /> Eye: <br /> Hair: </p> <p>“I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common man with common thoughts and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough..” </p> <p>Looking for: PenPals Serious Fun<br /> Willing to relocate: Yes</p> <p>Whatever you seek, let any man you are interested in know up front. Men value direct and straightforward communication. That way, he knows what he is getting into and can decide for himself if it is worth it. Always make your intentions known before starting a relationship.</p> Thu, 03 Nov 2016 09:14:57 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: Lakshman Fernando Mihindukulasuriya, 57 - Canada Serious Marriage Marriage <img src=' 0/257/845.jpg' align='right'> <p>Lakshman Fernando Mihindukulasuriya, Male, 57 (Sagittarius) - Canada Ontario </p> <p>Education: HighSchool<br /> Occupation: Hospitality<br /> English: Fluent<br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 178cm<br /> Weight: 80kg<br /> Eye: Brown<br /> Hair: Black</p> <p>I am single,simple,divorced and good looking 5' 10" tall good looking guy.I am medium built & medium complexion.I am loving,caring,helpfull & an understanding person.</p> <p>Looking for: Serious Marriage Marriage<br /> Willing to relocate: Yes</p> <p>I am looking for a kind hearted,loving,caring,helpful &amp; an understanding nice lady for the rest of my life.</p> Wed, 14 Oct 2015 02:59:01 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: Garry, 72 - Canada Edmonton Serious Marriage <img src=' 0/204/208.jpg' align='right'> <p>Garry, Male, 72 (Gemini) - Canada Alberta Edmonton </p> <p>Education: Mastdegree<br /> Occupation: Accountant<br /> English: Fluent<br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 175cm<br /> Weight: 75kg<br /> Eye: Blue<br /> Hair: Grey</p> <p>Professional single slender healthy lifestyle gent seeking similar statured compatible lady </p> <p>Looking for: Serious Marriage <br /> Willing to relocate: </p> <p></p> Tue, 07 Jul 2015 15:14:28 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: Roshan, 45 - Sri Lanka Serious Other Other <img src=' 0/262/593.jpg' align='right'> <p>Roshan, Male, 45 (Leo) - Sri Lanka Western </p> <p>Education: Mastdegree<br /> Occupation: Managing Director<br /> English: VGood<br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 163cm<br /> Weight: 58kg<br /> Eye: <br /> Hair: </p> <p>I am very Kind,Sincere & friendly person.I am always treat people with respect.I like Music, Yoga, Jogging, Swimming, Reading & Travelling </p> <p>Looking for: Serious Other Other<br /> Willing to relocate: No</p> <p>I am searching for Honest,Sincere,Respectable &amp; nice looking lady.</p> Fri, 22 Sep 2017 00:58:25 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: john thompson, 68 - New Zealand Serious Serious <img src=' 0/262/652.jpg' align='right'> <p>john thompson, Male, 68 (Cancer) - New Zealand Auckland </p> <p>Education: HighSchool<br /> Occupation: <br /> English: Fluent<br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 175cm<br /> Weight: 94kg<br /> Eye: Grey<br /> Hair: Brown</p> <p>Im 65 years old born in england spent 12 years in the british royal marines now live in new Zealand </p> <p>Looking for: Serious Serious <br /> Willing to relocate: Yes</p> <p>Thai lady about 40 years old to settle down with and live in thailand </p> Thu, 27 Aug 2015 09:30:46 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: sam, 59 - Canada Toronto Marriage Serious Friends <img src=' 0/211/151.jpg' align='right'> <p>sam, Male, 59 (Capricorn) - Canada Ontario Toronto </p> <p>Education: Mastdegree<br /> Occupation: Project Manager<br /> English: Fluent<br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 165cm<br /> Weight: 68kg<br /> Eye: <br /> Hair: </p> <p>I am a lovely and honest man, happy and always smiling, gentle, romantic, love “the Land of Smiles” and like to travel, go to the beach, watch movies, and have a romantic dinner. I am looking for someone like you, are you ready? If Yes, and you want to know more about me, send me a message.... Thank you</p> <p>Looking for: Marriage Serious Friends<br /> Willing to relocate: maybe</p> <p>Looking for a lovely lady, which like to have fun and enjoy life, and you never know what can happen next, and I am looking for someone like you, are you ready, If yes... contact me</p> Fri, 15 Mar 2013 21:55:54 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: Neil, 44 - China Hangzhou <img src=' 0/199/213.jpg' align='right'> <p>Neil, Male, 44 (Taurus) - China Zhejiang Hangzhou </p> <p>Education: <br /> Occupation: <br /> English: <br /> Russian: </p> <p>Height: 160cm<br /> Weight: 50kg<br /> Eye: <br /> Hair: </p> <p>Hi, my name&apos;s Neil.... I&apos;ve been living and working in Asia now for 6 years. At the moment my short and medium term future is here. As for the long term, I guess that&apos;s dependent on my future wife/partner! Me? I&apos;m laid back, loyal, considerate, sometimes talkative/sometimes quiet and mainly positive. Generally in life I like challenging myself and my personality. Although I&apos;m knocking on a bit, I&apos;m NOT desperate to get married or have children but would like to find a &apos;life partner&apos;. I&apos;m looking for an educated, intelligent girl that can speak English well, maybe as well as other languages. My main passion is studying languages - we can learn together!! However, nationality is not important, but a connection, common interests (languages), sense of humour/adventure/daring are. I&apos;m not materialistic although I do like to wear nice clothes and look good now and again. If you&apos;re only interest is &apos;shopping&apos;, then I don&apos;t think we&apos;re gonna be a match ha ha. Good luck!!!</p> <p>Looking for: <br /> Willing to relocate: </p> <p></p> Tue, 19 Jan 2016 10:28:27 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: robert, 57 - United States Los Angeles Marriage Dating Friends <img src=' 0/261/434.jpg' align='right'> <p>robert, Male, 57 (Capricorn) - United States California Los Angeles </p> <p>Education: <br /> Occupation: special opt<br /> English: <br /> Russian: </p> <p>Height: 180cm<br /> Weight: 75kg<br /> Eye: <br /> Hair: </p> <p> I enjoy meeting new people and their way of Life. I enjoy touring parts of the world, the calm of the sea, the beauty of the mountains and all that life has to offer. I love movies, reading books, listening to music, see God's tears when it rains, dance to the beat, cooking. i can travel to anywhere in the world just to meet my good lady friend and see what the future would be like when it comes to the matters of the heart. </p> <p>Looking for: Marriage Dating Friends<br /> Willing to relocate: Yes</p> <p>she should be kind, loyal, honest, loving, sincere, affectionate, and caring. she should also possess the qualities of maturity, integrity, and generosity. </p> Fri, 08 Sep 2017 04:42:25 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: wesley, 39 - United States Louisville Friends Serious Marriage <img src=' 0/264/261.jpg' align='right'> <p>wesley, Male, 39 (Virgo) - United States Kentucky Louisville </p> <p>Education: Bachdegree<br /> Occupation: sales<br /> English: Fluent<br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 188cm<br /> Weight: 84kg<br /> Eye: Green<br /> Hair: Brown</p> <p>I'm an outgoing person. I'm a funny guy. Well educated. Love meeting new people and experiencing new places. I own a real estate business and work a lot. I've been single for about 5 years now and I'm looking to start dating again and hopefully fall in love. I love kids but I've never been married and have no children. Im a kind person and very forgiving and understanding. </p> <p>Looking for: Friends Serious Marriage<br /> Willing to relocate: maybe</p> <p>Someone honest and kind. Trustworthy and moral. Someone thats makes me smile every morning i wake and see her next to me. </p> Sun, 15 Oct 2017 00:16:00 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: Flo, 45 - Austria Villach <img src=' 0/250/666.jpg' align='right'> <p>Flo, Male, 45 () - Austria Karnten Villach </p> <p>Education: <br /> Occupation: <br /> English: <br /> Russian: </p> <p>Height: cm<br /> Weight: kg<br /> Eye: <br /> Hair: </p> <p></p> <p>Looking for: <br /> Willing to relocate: </p> <p></p> Thu, 25 May 2017 10:31:00 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: boyblue, 57 - United Kingdom Canterbury Serious Fun Marriage <img src=' 0/264/139.jpg' align='right'> <p>boyblue, Male, 57 (Capricorn) - United Kingdom England Canterbury </p> <p>Education: HighSchool<br /> Occupation: <br /> English: <br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 178cm<br /> Weight: 90kg<br /> Eye: <br /> Hair: </p> <p>LIFE IS TO SHORT I WANT A WOMAN THAT I CAN HAVE FUN WITH SOME0NE TO LOVE AND TAKE CARE OFF</p> <p>Looking for: Serious Fun Marriage<br /> Willing to relocate: maybe</p> <p>A WOMAN THAT LIKE TO HAVE FUN WHO IS OUT GOING KIND SEXY AND MOST OFF ALL A WOMAN I CAN TRUST</p> Tue, 10 Oct 2017 20:23:09 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: windstiler, 53 - Croatia Rijeka Serious Marriage Fun <img src=' 0/204/507.jpg' align='right'> <p>windstiler, Male, 53 (Sagittarius) - Croatia Primorsko-Goranska Rijeka </p> <p>Education: HighSchool<br /> Occupation: selfemploid<br /> English: Fluent<br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 193cm<br /> Weight: 110kg<br /> Eye: Blue<br /> Hair: Blonde</p> <p></p> <p>Looking for: Serious Marriage Fun<br /> Willing to relocate: Yes</p> <p></p> Sat, 12 Mar 2016 18:05:17 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: Dan, 29 - Thailand Friends Serious Marriage <img src=' 0/259/078.jpg' align='right'> <p>Dan, Male, 29 (Pisces) - Thailand Kanchanaburi </p> <p>Education: Mastdegree<br /> Occupation: Ask me<br /> English: Fluent<br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 180cm<br /> Weight: 69kg<br /> Eye: Hazel<br /> Hair: Brown</p> <p>Im a complicated person who wants the best life and is willing to work for it. I am kind but able to be direct when needed. I think honesty is more important than making people feel good. Every day i try to be a better man than the day before. </p> <p>Looking for: Friends Serious Marriage<br /> Willing to relocate: Yes</p> <p>A unique and inspiring person who makes me happy and i can make happy.Life is too short to live alone.</p> Thu, 17 Aug 2017 03:40:37 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: luigi, 58 - Thailand Serious Serious Marriage <img src=' 0/250/834.jpg' align='right'> <p>luigi, Male, 58 (Sagittarius) - Thailand Buriram </p> <p>Education: Mastdegree<br /> Occupation: teacher<br /> English: <br /> Russian: </p> <p>Height: 170cm<br /> Weight: 62kg<br /> Eye: <br /> Hair: </p> <p></p> <p>Looking for: Serious Serious Marriage<br /> Willing to relocate: maybe</p> <p></p> Tue, 30 May 2017 05:57:46 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: Jul, 62 - Luxembourg Ettelbruck Fun Friends Dating <img src=' 0/255/694.jpg' align='right'> <p>Jul, Male, 62 (Taurus) - Luxembourg Diekirch Ettelbruck </p> <p>Education: HighSchool<br /> Occupation: retired <br /> English: <br /> Russian: </p> <p>Height: 180cm<br /> Weight: 94kg<br /> Eye: <br /> Hair: </p> <p>Sometimes I feel lonely </p> <p>Looking for: Fun Friends Dating<br /> Willing to relocate: maybe</p> <p>A funny open minded </p> Thu, 13 Jul 2017 04:18:19 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: mr no one, 60 - United Kingdom Birmingham Notsure <img src=' 0/222/408.jpg' align='right'> <p>mr no one, Male, 60 (Scorpio) - United Kingdom England Birmingham </p> <p>Education: Mastdegree<br /> Occupation: lawyer<br /> English: <br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 185cm<br /> Weight: 55kg<br /> Eye: <br /> Hair: </p> <p>honest hard working want to spend my life with good people </p> <p>Looking for: Notsure <br /> Willing to relocate: maybe</p> <p>anyone who wants a good life </p> Mon, 27 Jun 2016 18:42:17 GMT Male dating profile New Thai dating member: Glen , 59 - United Kingdom Blackpool Serious Dating Friends <img src=' 0/258/161.jpg' align='right'> <p>Glen , Male, 59 (Aries) - United Kingdom England Blackpool </p> <p>Education: HighSchool<br /> Occupation: department store Cleaner<br /> English: Fluent<br /> Russian: None</p> <p>Height: 183cm<br /> Weight: 96kg<br /> Eye: Brown<br /> Hair: Brown</p> <p>Hello, I'm Glen, I work early hours 6 am to 9 am but Tues/Friday are days off, I'm looking for a girlfriend/life partner. I like old Music best {country & western/ blues/ old rock} I don't smoke but a light social drink does no Harm.I'm a Cleaner in a department store for a living Part time.I'd like to get to know someone I looking to find a partner 4 life & relocate in time to be with that person. I am very frank speaking always so if this offends do not contact me.also, I have several nice Tattoo's so if these offend do not message me. Thank you for reading my profile, I am not religious in any way so accept me as I am or do not contact me. I have only been to the Philippines but no G/F yet.Ex-policeman in the 80's bad crash stopped that.I never support or send anyone money even my kids know this.I CAN'T HAVE MORE KIDS NOW OK. I DON'T USE EMAIL JUST CAM TO CAM MESSENGER. </p> <p>Looking for: Serious Dating Friends<br /> Willing to relocate: Yes</p> <p>An Honest woman who is herself frank speaking and Hairy woman bits.</p> Tue, 21 Jul 2015 07:54:55 GMT