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Have you ever been out on a date with Thai girl and your date was great until you decide to step back and ask yourself Am I sure that she s dating me for the right reason? . You might think her culture is different or she can t understand western way. Unfortunately, the bottom line base on human nature is pretty much the same.

So, how can you tell earlier on that you may falling in love with the wrong Thai girl who using you for something other than fun & friendship? Here re some signs to show that you are being used:

1. She is self centered - She mostly talk about herself, especially she keep tell you about her sad victim stories. These stories are sometimes true, but it is never about you. Good Thai girl usually feel awkward when talking about their difficult life.

2. She expects to be treated like a queen - When talking about having relationship with farang , many Thai girls expects car rides, gifts and attention from you. Good Thai girl more practical about romantic relationships.

3. She treats people like trash - As someone who believes luxury treatment is owed to her, your Thai girl has no respect to those who do things for her such as waiters and drivers and seeing them as slaves who exist only to serve her. That s a huge warning for you to know that you just got a Thai bitch .

4. She´s Obsessed With Getting You Alone - Thai girl who like you will be happy to hang out with your friends, your parents and proud to present you with her friends and family. If she always hurrying them out of the room, she´s probably not interested in connecting with you as a person. It s possible that she using you as Walking ATM .

11 Feb 2013

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