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Thai girls are one of the most beautiful women to falling in love with, but many times when East meet West can t really go well as Cultural misunderstandings are bound to happen in a multicultural relationship. So, how can you solve this problem when you don t want to make any misunderstandings with your lovely Thai girl before you meet her? The following will help you avoid culture misunderstanding on your relationship.

1. Do some culture research - If you decide to have a girlfriend that have different cultures to yours, to get the most out of your relationship it is a good idea to do some research before you meet her. By knowing more about culture, it will be easier to understand your Thai girl and avoid some culture problem later.

2. Be patient - It s important to remember that your girlfriend came from the different part of the world. It can be frustrating, especially if your girlfriend don t understand English well. Be patient with good attitude is the only one thing can make both of you understand each other.

3. National pride - Thai people have a highly developed sense of national pride, the people of Thailand see themselves as one huge family. If your Thai girl ask you some question about Thailand and you think negative aspects, better keep it to yourself.

4. Learn the language - One of the biggest barriers between cultures is language, and so the best way to avoid cultural misunderstandings is to make an effort to learn the language before you start the relationship. If your girlfriend can speak and understand English well it might not be necessary to learn, but if your girlfriend can t understand and speak with you, learn how to say at least a few basic things will be much better!

11 Mar 2013

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