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When a western man or farang is willing to date a Thai girl or woman and wishes to take the dating relationship to a more profound level say marriage then there are certain things he should strive to do to make sure that the relationship grows. In Thailand and the other South Asian countries say Indonesia and Philippines the customs are different from those of the western culture and unless a westerner copes himself up or goes through their customs it is hard to woo a woman from their society.

Do whatever it takes

It must be kept in mind that the Thai society is very conservative and out emphasis on mutual respect! It is a must for a western man to show ample of respect not only to his date but also to her parents and family elders as it is considered to be very important! It is like dating an entire family and not just an individual!

Social norms and customs

There are numerous social expectations that must be met while a man from America or any western country wishes to court a South Asian woman. Some of these are:

  • The Thai society is still developing and most of the families are under privileges and do not experience much financial resources. So the very first thing a Thai girl or her family will look for in a man is financial stability! So while an American man dates a South Asian woman he must make an impression on her that he is financially strong.
  • If after a few dates, the Thai lady finds the man to be presentable enough then the American man must prepare himself for a meeting with her parents and family. Unlike the western culture, the parents play the role of guardians and make the decision on marriage or acceptance of the relationship after discussing on the occupation, earnings, education, family life of the man.
  • Usually the entire marriage is arranged by the parents, so it can be easily understood that impressing the parents of the girl is of utmost importance to the western man! Dating is just a mean to test the person and if the family notices any unwanted behavior that does not conform with their customs, then the man will be rejected for sure.

Some basic do´s and don´ts!

  • Make sure you are a good listener and let the lady do the talking to her heart s content!
  • While you are dating a Thai woman, you may find her to be unexpressive unlike the American women, but they do prefer having open minded, protective men who give priorities to their views and opinions too.
  • Try to read her mind! Usually the South Asian women do little talking and keep most of the things buried within! Make sure you understand her feelings, her worries and whatever she is thinking so that she gets to feel comfortable in your presence.
  • Never ever try to show your affection to her publicly! Thai society is very conservative and public display of affection is not at all appreciated unlike the western countries!

03 Dec 2012

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